Oriona at St. Martin’s Graduate Fashion Show

I was so lucky to do make-up for the graduation fashion show at St. Martin’s. the Graduation collection is shown to peers and critics at the London fashion Week It is the culmination of all their study and work. This collection shows the work of the students, which are becoming the new designers of tomorrow. This collection can provide them with the future employers and future fans and clients of their work. Many designers have made a name for themselves based on their degree show. This catwalk is the first step to being sponsored or employed in the field in which they have trained. Lan have came up with very clean make up, red lips and strong eyebrowns.

I’m back there on the 1st June for another show so watch the space…

Oriona at Aston+Hayes

Teaching workshops to Image Consultants at Aston+Hayes are always good fun! The students were fantastic and worked hard.

Ranging from questions about the history of make-up, I was showing them a variety of day and evening make-up according to the personal colouring.

Over exaggerate brows:

Marc Jacobs’spring/summer 2010 show was an extravaganza of eighties fashion combined with a touch of geisha, so it’s no surprise that he demonstrated exaggerated brows in all their glory. Many different variations of the trend were on display in the Jacobs show; some were shaded to appear darker and bushier, while others have an extra line leading out of the arch. The most outlandish style featured the eyebrow shaded with coloured eyeshadow making the brow area appear endless. London designer Holly Fulton also rocked the big brow look, but on a more dramatic scale. All of the models in her show had over the top eyebrows resembling two black lines across the forehead.