I don’t know about you but I’m sick to death of dark grey days, no sun and everyone walking around wrapped in layers of brown, black and more black.

Even The Oscars – the one red carpet even where you expect to see some real, old fashioned, knock ’em’ dead, Hollywood glamour – was a sorry parade of neutrals and pinks that were so shy they might as well have been white. Notable exceptions were the gorgeous Sally Field in Valentino Red, miles of skirt and demure sleeves and, two decades younger, Jennifer Aniston also in Valentino Red. Anne Hathaway – who decided against Valentino at the last minute – went for Prada and ended up looking sicker than Fantine ever did. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior was like a wee kid in her mum’s wedding dress and don’t start me on Jessica Chastain, all that wonderful hair and flawless skin and …… blaw, the totally washed out excuse for a gown.

valentino retro dress

Why are we so afraid of colour and why does every woman in the world think that neutrals are safe and suit everyone? They don’t. Why are our wardrobes filled with black? Navy (French Navy this spring) is a million times kinder and really does suit just about everyone – don’t overload navy or you go from chic to granny in a time unit too short to measure. Why are we convinced that bright colours only look good on darker skin tones? Jessica Chastain in Emerald Green (another colour that’s big this spring) looks like the true screen goddess she is.

I’m not suggesting that we wake up tomorrow and go all out Mardi Gras, but spring’s coming (I hope) so could we just brighten up a bit?


Unsurprisingly green is big this spring, from Emerald right through Light ‘new leaf’ to Soft, Dusty Grey/Jade. Blues are taking in French Navy, Blue/Black and Dusty Bright Blue. And Pale Sienna (almost terracotta but not as hard edged), Poppy Red, Citrus Yellow (not neon, never neon) and Pale Violet and Blush Pink are good accent choices.

Here’s the thing; if you’re colour phobic, start small. Experiment with a scarf or a shirt – you’ll be delighted by the reaction even a hint of colour gets. Once you feel a bit bolder, add more colour. It’s simple, we’ve all got a colour palette and that palette has endless shades, learn what works for you and, really important, what makes you feel good and then be creative.

So what’s going to work for you? A Colour Analysis is a really quick and effective way to get to know your personal palette. We’re all quite instinctive about colour whether we know it or not and you’ve probably already got things in your wardrobe you bought just because you liked the colour. And you’ll definitely have clothes you don’t wear because they feel tired or you’re tired of them. A Colour Analysis isn’t about throwing everything away and starting again, it’s about making everything work a lot harder and giving your wardrobe a new lease of life by adding ‘your colours’ into the mix.

And after all that finger wagging No. 1 on my Wish List this spring is a Linen Pink Chloe Jacket – rules are made to be broken!


THIS WEEK I FOUND ……..old school still wins


The Big 3 that took everyone through every Fashion Week this February whether they were in London, Paris, Milan or New York were Water Mists, Hairspray and Concealer.

Even the youngest and freshest models began to look about tired and frayed round about the middle of the month. Good old fashioned concealer was the go-to fast-fix for everyone’s dark eyes. One of the favourites for a real quick hit was L’Oreal BB Nude Magique Concealer, rolls on, matches all skin types and has caffeine for an instant de-puffing and brightening boost.

Coconut Water was just about everyone’s drink of choice, but the fall back for thirsty skin was tried and trusted water mist. Spray of choice was super kind, Avene Eau Thermale developed specially for sensitive skins and packaged to stay cool even in high temperatures.

And finally, hairspray, cans and cans and cans of the stuff. Nice to see that it’s still Elnette that holds a special place in just about every hairdresser’s heart.


belle sauvage comp.

Where else would I have been this week but LFW AW 2013? Working on The Body Shop team with Lan Grealis for FAD, Belle Sauvage, Runway Collection and Ashley Isham was long, long days and lots of great energy.

belle sauvage final 2

finished 3

AW 2013 highlights for me had to Belle Sauvage’s take on classic tailored suits, their ‘Capes: The Next Generation’ and those fringes. I love Ashley Isham’s ethereal ball gowns with miles of skirt, a complete contrast to his urban warrior coats worn with dense matte lips and hi-gloss visors. And Lan’s ‘Lace Face’ for Runway Collection was an inspired take on AW 2013 statement ‘feature’ make-up.

finished 4

finished 5

THIS WEEK I FOUND ………everything they say about The Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge is true

oriona finished 1

LFW is so stressful on so many levels; it’s completely frantic backstage, really busy, no time to eat, rushing around like mad, trying to do a million things at once and still seem calm and in control because the models are mostly nervous enough as it is.

With all this in mind, last month I signed up for The Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge! I know, it sounds insane.

Great news is, I did it – 30 mornings in a row at 0645 – and I think it made this LFW my coolest and most collected ever! I was energetic, focused and clear headed plus I didn’t feel as much of the usual stress. I’ve decided to try and fit an early morning class in every day now because I really missed them after the Challenge was finished, hard to believe but it’s true – didn’t hurt that I lost 4.5kg over the past month either.

Have a look at www.bikramyogauk.co.uk.


GIFT IMAGE 2.So last minute? So what? He won’t care because he won’t know. And whatever anyone says, it’s not the thought, it’s the gift that counts. Here are five of my favourite quick pressie fixes for Valentine’s Day, you can even leave them to the 14th if you want. Just remember to wrap them yourself because nothing says ‘I forgot’ faster than store wrapped.
Aesop ‘New York’ Parsley Seed Skin Care Travel Kit. Every long haul essential is on board here in one neat bag. Stay refreshed and hydrated in-flight and scrub up quick just before touch down. No one in the world will ever know you haven’t had 8 hours sleep tucked up safely in your own bed. £47.00, Aesop, 91 Mount Street, London.
Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser. All the refreshing, soothing, healing, anti-ageing excellence of Perricone MD in extremely non-girly packaging. From £54.00, Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London.
Moleskine Notebooks. Force gadget man to go old school and write down his thoughts for a change. Technology was never as romantic as the notebook of choice for the likes of Hemingway and Chatwin. From £9.99, Blackwells, Charing Cross Road, London.
Roberts Revival DAB Radio. Retro styling looks good and still has Roberts’ world class engineering plus it plays nicely with all his other music technology too. From £160.00, Selfridges, London
Personalised cakes, pastries and patisserie are available all day long in Selfridges Food Hall on the 14th February just in time to make you look like the most thoughtful present giver on the planet.

Shock, Diane Von Furstenberg plays iPAD Solitaire, 10,000 games a year to be exact (and those are the ones she admits to). So if the wonderwoman who invented the wrap dress doesn’t think twice about de-stressing with a bit of mindless nonsense, I’m going to feel very virtuous about my find this week. www.origami.org.uk uses a simple animation to show you step-by-step how to make your own Origami creations. Since it’s all about fashion this month, you can make the teeny wee cute shirt if you want. But for me it has to be the Peace Crane; not only does making the Crane float away all your stress and disharmony, if you make 1000 of them you’re granted a wish. I’m thinking I could manage at least 1000 by Christmas so I’ve got something for the tree and a wish. The added Origami bonus is how much fun it is for kids too and it’s constructive so no guilt for me.

Do you like the new look from Chanel?


                                                                Photo by Vincent Lappartient

This is my  most favourite theatrical look created by Peter Philips, Chanel’s global creative director. To achieve this gothic twist with smokey eye you will need to follow the steps of the Master and of course pick up few bits from makeup store. This is what Peter Philips said about his creation :

“New Vintage” was the theme of this Haute Couture show, and that was for me a starting point for the makeup look.  I took some basic makeup classics and twisted them in a subtle way. “Smoky eye”, “Eyeliner”, “Blush”, “French manicure”


The focus was mainly on the eye. I did a soft, blue/grey, metallic smoky eye, using OMBRE ESSENTIELLE “Furtive”. On that, I applied a thick, almost bulky eyeliner with LE STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF “Noir Intense”. A few layers of black mascara INIMITABLE WATERPROOF “Black” and the CRAYON KHOL “Clair” in the eye.

I placed the blush JOUES CONTRASTE “Rose Initial” a bit higher than usual.

On the lip I used our lipliner LE CRAYON LEVRES “Natural” and ROUGE ALLURE “Evanescente” lipstick.

When we were playing around with the idea of doing a nail polish, Karl evoked the idea of using two shades on one nail. I combined a vintage shade “Silver” with an existing one “May”. Instead of doing a classic French manicure, I painted the whole outline of the nail in a lighter shade with LE VERNIS “Silver” and used LE VERNIS “May” to cover both the center and the tip of the nail. LE VERNIS “May” is the full nail polish shade, and LE VERNIS “Silver” is the outline shade .

Will you give it a go?

It’s February – all things fashion and the oscars too

I’ve always been a big fan of foundation. Recently though, I’ve gone from fan to cheerleader to head over heels in mad, passionate love with the stuff. There are some supernaturally great products on the market just now and the finishes can just about honestly claim to be flawless. So what’s changed?

I think it’s a lot to do with how much professional make-up artists have had to re-think the way they approach camera-ready faces. High Definition is the enemy of anyone over the age of 16. It’s ruthless, shows up every line and flaw and makes traditional make-up look as if it’s been plastered on with a trowel. Brands had to respond.

The good news is that mere mortals who don’t have to worry about the cruel camera too much get the trickle down effect. So here are five of my favourite new generation foundations at the moment.

Perricone MD ‘No Foundation, Foundation’
As far as I’m concerned Perricone MD can do no wrong. I’m a pushover for their Parapharmacie packaging and the good doctor himself seems like the soul of common sense. No Foundation, Foundation isn’t a totally new product but it’s one of the best anytime foundations that uses light diffusing Mica combined with pigment for weightless, even coverage.

DIOR ‘Airflash’
This literally airbrushes your skin with a super light mist of foundation. The spray is surprisingly easy to apply straight up but you can use a Kabuki brush instead if you prefer. Mother of Pearl pigment diffuses light and – huge anti-aging bonus here – it actually, visibly evens skin tone. Great for a ‘finished’ look.

Chanel ‘Lift Lumiere Firming and Smoothing Makeup’
If you’re a Chanel devotee you’ll love this. It has amazing coverage for such a light texture and gives an instant soft, natural glow – there are another two Lumiere products as well so this is quite a versatile choice.

Clinique ‘Even Better Makeup’
Designed with active ingredients to permanently improve uneven skin tone over time but gives you the appearance of smoother, balanced skin instantly.

Armani ‘Maestro Fusion Makeup’
Clever Mr Armani is my personal choice for foundation ever since his team developed Luminous Silk Foundation. Now they’ve brought out ‘Maestro Fusion Makeup’ and I’m a convert. The ultra fine oil pigmets diffuse light softly across your skin giving you that transparent ‘Armani Glow’ plus coverage.


ysl remix

I hate waiting around so I’m always on a mission to find things to do when I’m stuck in a holding pattern and I don’t have time to ‘do something constructive’.

This find is almost so good I can see it sneaking into my day when it really shouldn’t. So beware, discipline is needed to restrict this to ‘Waiting Time Only’!

www.vogue.fr/lookbooks let’s you create your own LookBook from seasons/styles/trends/accessories/archives/designers. Just select what you want and scroll through the hundreds and hundreds of thumbnails, use pause and play and when you find what you want just add the image and your own caption (if you want) to pinterest or tweet it or share it. Et Voila, your own personal inspiration/lookbook/style grab/shopping list/fun toy …… and it works in English and French.

I’m channeling YSL ‘Le Smoking’ it’s my personal tribute to February, month of Fashion Weeks and the Oscars. I’d love to see what inspires you!