belle sauvage comp.

Where else would I have been this week but LFW AW 2013? Working on The Body Shop team with Lan Grealis for FAD, Belle Sauvage, Runway Collection and Ashley Isham was long, long days and lots of great energy.

belle sauvage final 2

finished 3

AW 2013 highlights for me had to Belle Sauvage’s take on classic tailored suits, their ‘Capes: The Next Generation’ and those fringes. I love Ashley Isham’s ethereal ball gowns with miles of skirt, a complete contrast to his urban warrior coats worn with dense matte lips and hi-gloss visors. And Lan’s ‘Lace Face’ for Runway Collection was an inspired take on AW 2013 statement ‘feature’ make-up.

finished 4

finished 5

THIS WEEK I FOUND ………everything they say about The Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge is true

oriona finished 1

LFW is so stressful on so many levels; it’s completely frantic backstage, really busy, no time to eat, rushing around like mad, trying to do a million things at once and still seem calm and in control because the models are mostly nervous enough as it is.

With all this in mind, last month I signed up for The Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge! I know, it sounds insane.

Great news is, I did it – 30 mornings in a row at 0645 – and I think it made this LFW my coolest and most collected ever! I was energetic, focused and clear headed plus I didn’t feel as much of the usual stress. I’ve decided to try and fit an early morning class in every day now because I really missed them after the Challenge was finished, hard to believe but it’s true – didn’t hurt that I lost 4.5kg over the past month either.

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