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Being on a tight budget might mean you have to work a little harder for more fashionable style – but you can structure your wardrobe to make sure it pays off and your results can outshine a top-to-toe designer ensemble. Think: eclectic, creative, innovative.

Some tips:

Think Vintage | Vintage boutiques and markets for one-off finds.  Not only will you save money, you can guarantee that you won’t be mincing in the corner when two other girls at the party have your same handbag.

Customize | Everyone’s got a needle and thread! It’s easy to update old pieces with a few quick snips, a bit of hemming or by adding embellishments such as sequins or tassels. This is also good to do with op-shop finds that may have amazing patterns or detailing but an outdated cut.

Be inspired | If you are not confident in pulling together an outfit by yourself, look to some photos of celebrities or style blogs. You can get a good idea of what proportions work and which garments look good together – then go searching for inexpensive replicas.

Hit the high street | Even women who can afford unlimited designer clothes are shopping at high street shops – Kate Moss and her undying devotion to TopShop is the perfect example. The quality and style of many high street shops have recently skyrocketed, while the affordable prices have stayed the same. It is a good idea to buy all the current but-unlikely-to-endure trends from Topshop, H&M and Zara.

Invest in classics | By the same token, if you want to buy designer, buy items that won’t date.  Cashmere sweaters, black shoulder bags, trenches, the fabled LBT, black coat, good pair of boots… you know, the usual.

Dress for your body and yourself | At the end of the day, if you’re wearing something that fits you and that you love, you’re always going to look and feel beautiful.

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