So they tell us it’s spring. Can’t say I noticed and when it comes to a fresh start for makeup that’s a bit of a problem. One minute the light’s bright and won’t let you away with anything and the next it’s back to grey, flat and just as unforgiving – only in a different way.

Best plan is to pretend we’re in a makeup micro-climate, get ready for spring anyway and – even if it doesn’t arrive any time soon – at least we’re prepared.

Brows are back
And if you’ve been good and careful they shouldn’t have gone anywhere in the first place because nothing ages your make-up faster than over done eyebrows; that’s over-plucked, over-shaped or all-over-the-place. But even if you’ve been less than careful you can cheat a bold, youthful brow until you get the real thing tidied up more permanently. Forget pencils and gloopy gels and think Tom Ford Brow Sculptor – the man believes in brows and his solution comes in three shades (blonde, taupe, chestnut), soft, simple and totally convincing.

Think Pink (but just a bit)
If you saw January Jones at Paris Fashion Week with her ‘bumped’ beehive, girly bow and bleached out makeup you just saw ‘retro’ go from reference to wrong, wrong, wrong. And this spring’s makeup does have a bit of a retro feel ie. plenty pink. But take it easy here, too much pink isn’t fresh and bright, it’s just dated. The look we’re going for is matte and velvety, Parisian effortless and just a dash of blossom. Try Laura Mercier’s Arabesque Range as an introduction; Crème Cheek Colour in Praline, ‘En Pointe’ (barely there pink) Nail Lacquer or a slick of Crème Smooth Lip Colour ‘Arabesque’, the finish is translucent and the colour buildable so it’s up to you how pink you go.

PS. Highlight with Care
Finally make the most of the light this Spring with careful highlighting. Remember it’s matte and velvety so try Paul & Joe Pressed Powder, it’s subtle, sheeny and comes in several shades so choose one that’s the same as your skin tone or just 1 shade lighter. Apply lightly to cheekbone, brow bone and cupid’s bow. Parisian Spring (lavender and green in a swirl) is a great Paul & Joe pressed powder for all over even skin tone.

THIS WEEK I FOUND …….packaging that’s just too pretty


What can I say? One look at this pretty packaging and I want a boudoir, Maribou feather mules, a huge dressing table with an even bigger mirror and someone to run baths for me!