White jeans and pants are the real first sign of spring. They look good with our black tops, add je ne sais quoi chic to striped boatnecks and turn any old blazer into a sophisticated duo worthy of a Isabel Marant ad. Wearing white anything still puts us on high-stain alert (coffee dribbles! red wine! makeup smears!). And who doesn’t secretly wonder if black pants or dark wash jeans wouldn’t be a better dress-slim choice? Here’s how to ditch the anxiety and wear white with confidence head to toe.

White pants should be ankle cropped and semitailored
The best white dresses are those in your favorite tailored style. A simple sheath, coat dress, fit and flare or A-line shift that’s above or at the knee looks classy and stylish
 Throw a white blazer over brights and darks to “summer-size” them
A white pantsuit is a guaranteed slimmer
Frame white with a contrasting cardigan or jacket

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