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Make-up or no Make-up

By 20th November 2010 No Comments

“Women who wear make-up earn up to 30 percent more than those who don’t.” It’s official! I’m always reinforcing this with clients as presenting yourself well not only assists in helping you look professional, but adds to that all-important confidence.

I think every woman could benefit from a little bit of make-up. There are very few women I know that can go completely bare-faced and still look polished. Skin tone unevenness, blemishes, under eye circles or very pale lashes can all cause someone to look tired and washed out. If you have perfect skin and look awake and awesome with no makeup – more power to you and God bless your genetics – but there are very few of us out there with that luck!

Make-up, when applied correctly, enhances your own natural beauty.  It directs attention to your best features, concealing or de-emphasizing any flaw.  It also helps you to project your own sense of self.  When it’s done tastefully and skillfully- along with wardrobe, hair and nails – it reveals skill, attention to detail, pride and sense of self that are the mark of any successful modern woman.

Do I think women who wear makeup should make more money? Absolutely not. People should make money based on their skills, knowledge, talent and ability to excel at their job…but do I think women who take an interest in their image by dressing well, styling their hair and makeup to enhance their looks are perceived in a different way?  Absolutely!  It defines people who go the extra leap to excel.

Coining the expression “dress for the job you want, not the job you have?”, I know it’s very important to demonstrate to your company and your superiors that you care about how you represent yourself in your role and your company in that role.