GIFT IMAGE 2.So last minute? So what? He won’t care because he won’t know. And whatever anyone says, it’s not the thought, it’s the gift that counts. Here are five of my favourite quick pressie fixes for Valentine’s Day, you can even leave them to the 14th if you want. Just remember to wrap them yourself because nothing says ‘I forgot’ faster than store wrapped.
Aesop ‘New York’ Parsley Seed Skin Care Travel Kit. Every long haul essential is on board here in one neat bag. Stay refreshed and hydrated in-flight and scrub up quick just before touch down. No one in the world will ever know you haven’t had 8 hours sleep tucked up safely in your own bed. £47.00, Aesop, 91 Mount Street, London.
Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser. All the refreshing, soothing, healing, anti-ageing excellence of Perricone MD in extremely non-girly packaging. From £54.00, Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London.
Moleskine Notebooks. Force gadget man to go old school and write down his thoughts for a change. Technology was never as romantic as the notebook of choice for the likes of Hemingway and Chatwin. From £9.99, Blackwells, Charing Cross Road, London.
Roberts Revival DAB Radio. Retro styling looks good and still has Roberts’ world class engineering plus it plays nicely with all his other music technology too. From £160.00, Selfridges, London
Personalised cakes, pastries and patisserie are available all day long in Selfridges Food Hall on the 14th February just in time to make you look like the most thoughtful present giver on the planet.

Shock, Diane Von Furstenberg plays iPAD Solitaire, 10,000 games a year to be exact (and those are the ones she admits to). So if the wonderwoman who invented the wrap dress doesn’t think twice about de-stressing with a bit of mindless nonsense, I’m going to feel very virtuous about my find this week. uses a simple animation to show you step-by-step how to make your own Origami creations. Since it’s all about fashion this month, you can make the teeny wee cute shirt if you want. But for me it has to be the Peace Crane; not only does making the Crane float away all your stress and disharmony, if you make 1000 of them you’re granted a wish. I’m thinking I could manage at least 1000 by Christmas so I’ve got something for the tree and a wish. The added Origami bonus is how much fun it is for kids too and it’s constructive so no guilt for me.