When my dear Vogue friend Maria Asadi approached me to collaborate with photographer Andres Reynaga on a shoot cover, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. The two main stars Roxy and Spin are B-Boy Championship World Finalists, super flexible and remarkably talented.  I couldn’t wait to meet the wonderfully attractive Roxy who is also a Guinness World Record Holder for achieving an amazing 71 head spins in 1 minute!

For Roxy:

To create her look, I prepped the skin with Per-fekt Skin Gel Primer to even out the skin. Then I used some concealer around the eyes and cheekbones to smooth the skin. Soft natural eye shadow was brushed softly into the socket for a natural look which complimented clear lip gloss for the lips. And the final touch was adding a bit of mascara.

For Spin

I used a Mac Mattifying Silicone Primer which prevents the skin from shining whist being light enough to still allow you to see the skin. A bit of concealer for the under eye area to help even out skin tone. His eyebrows were natural full, so just some brush-shaping was necessary to even them out.

Fantastic shoot, and really looking forward to working with Vogue again!

RWD Mag | Asics B-Girl with Roxy Article

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