Wardrobe & style consultation takes place at your home and involves wardrobe through techniques such as colour-matching, shape analysis, and restyling. I will guide you through the pieces that work for you and those that don’t, explaining why. Together, we will transform existing clothes into new outfit looks. We will discuss the colour, prints, shapes and fit that are best suited to flatter and enhance your shape and skin tone, bringing out a more confident and happier you. I’ll advise on the aftercare and storage, alteration of your clothes and shoes.

We’ll be coming up with restyled workable outfits and taking pictures for your future reference. Any gaps then identified in your wardrobe will be noted and a ‘Shopping List’ created with recommendations of stores to visit. You will be equipped to shop smart, buy less and buy well.


After the wardrobe & style consultation you will:

Understand more about your personal style, embracing your shape, learning to work with our beautiful lines, curves, and angles

See what you already have – what works, what doesn’t and what is missing

Have a core wardrobe for work and social life

Getting ready will be quick, less stressful and you feel more confident

Know how to accessorise your outfits to pull all these looks together

Dress in the most flattering way, that suits your own personal style

You will be left with an organised uncluttered wardrobe ready to be refreshed with the new items you require

What to expect 

Phone consultation to discuss your requirements

Review of current pieces and decluttering

Shopping list with any essential items missing

Personalised Style Report – which will include detials how to dress for your body

Online managment profile with photos of your current outfits

Price £600


To learn more about how I can help you please schedule a free call.


I don’t like shopping or thinking about what I should wear! I had my closet stuffed full of clothes which I have outgrown, pre-pregnancy clothes, my wedding dress you name it. None of these did anything for me in terms of style, substance or confidence and occupied physical & mental space. With Oriona’s help we have cleared out everything and left small easy to choose from seasonal capsule wardrobe. Oriona gave me good tips and tricks, as well we are connected via her online wardrobe platform so keeps an eye on my outfits and its always on hand to recommend something new, Oriona is warm, personable, compassionate and understanding. Stephanie, Managing Director