brigitte bardot

Where do you stand on stripes?

st. tropez 3

Well if nothing would make you happier than spending days cycling on the cypress lined roads of La France in a matelot jersey (sans les oignons) or tripping around 24/7 in a Petit Bateau onesie, this spring is the one you’ve been waiting for.

swimmies 1.

Stripes are everywhere on everything and everyone. And the good news is, even if you hate the things there’s a soothing solution to stripes to calm all but the very worst phobias this season.

marni 1

philip lim 1

Will you wear stripes? Or will you stay inside till September? Just remember ‘Terms and Conditions Apply’ – don’t go all out stripey it’s too Dr Seuss; horizontal widens; vertical narrows; and always, always, always go for perfect fit.

And if you’re still feeling the fear, get in touch, together we can get through it.